18 things you need to know Before going to Cancun

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Are you planning on going to Cancun to enjoy those beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, where the best archaeological monuments live and the wildest nights awaits? This paradise was made for you to enjoy every inch of it so you need to know a few things before going to Cancun.


  1. Bring some change either in dollars or in pesos, for payments you may do at the airport or for tipping.
  1. Book the low season at the resorts. The climate is warm all year round and the tourist season is from December to April. So the best time to go is from September to November when prices drop.
  1. Learn some Spanish. This is not a must since everybody speaks English in Cancun, but it would be really nice for locals to hear you trying to speak english, that says a lot about a person.
  1. Use sunscreen. Either you bring with you rr buy it once in Cancun, but don’t forget to use it, this is a must, even when there are clouds out there.


  1. Pack lots of bathing suits and comfy clothing, mostly cotton because the weather is full-time heat so maybe you’re not used to it but don’t worry you’ll enjoy it anyway.
  1. Drinking age. In Cancun and all of Mexico, the allowed drinking age is 18, so any American will be happy to come when he is 18 and start drinking.


  1. Go Snorkeling. At least once. Cancun and the surrounding area is known for its marine and water life, so this is something you have to do. You could check out the Cancun Tours page for this.
Check out the best snorkeling places in Cancun
  1. Go Partying. Yes, Cancun is all about vacationing and partying is one of the must on a vacation. Cancun has lots of really nice nightclubs in the Hotel zone strip that you should visit, you can visit the Cancun Nightlife page.


  1. Drink lots of Water. Be sure you keep yourself hydrated (Not only with beer) because you’ll be in the sun and going around for sure, so always have a bottle of water with you.
  1. Local bus. Provides good service and runs very smoothly and, wait for it, it’s cheaper. For about $1 you can travel all the way from one end of the zone to the other. Just look for the buses with a big “R” in the window. Usually red or white.
  1. Try Tequila or Mezcal (better option). These two drinks are typical drinks made in Mexico, Tequila you’ve heard of it for sure and Mezcal is a trendy liqueur made from the same plant as the tequila but with a different taste.
  1. Try Real Mexican food. Even at the hotels they’ll have real mexican food so try some of the delicious plates of Mexico, or what is the case of coming down and eating only italian?


  1. Go have dinner or lunch at a local restaurant. Even though you might come to a Cancun All Inclusive Resort you would like to try some of the local Mexican and Non Mexican restaurants in downtown Cancun or Playa del Carmen, these restaurants are really good and quite an experience. You can look at the different restaurants at: Cancun Restaurants.
  1. Go shopping. Cancun has lots of really nice malls for shopping, depending on what you want to buy, there are different malls for everyone.


  1. Swimming with turtles. They are everywhere, seriously, so you must attend to a turtle release. Hotels have turtle release parties several times a week, mostly August and September. Go out at dusk to see the small sea turtles and sea turtles fighting their way to the sea.


  1. Isla Mujeres.  You can take the ferry from playa tortugas, the ferry ride takes around 15 minutes and costs about $15 for a round-trip ticket. Rent a golf cart and spend the day exploring, snorkeling or go to the garrafon park.
See more about getting to Isla Mujeres
  1. Explore Cenotes. The peninsula is known for its majestic cenotes and there are lots of them so you can take a tour near or simply take a big tour heading to the cenote route.
Route of the cenotes in Puerto Morelos


  1. Chichen-Itza. It is a MUST to take this trip to the greatest archaeological ruins of all times, also there are cenotes there so you should take a few days for that trip.

Get ready for a great vacation at this paradise full of adventure.

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