Aeromexico to host the 73rd IATA AGM in Cancun 2017

Aeromexico will be hosting the 73rd IATA AGM in Cancun 2017

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that Aeromexico is going to host the 73rd IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit. The top leadership of the air transport industry will be assisting to Cancun, Mexico from 4-6 June 2017.

“Cancun is an excellent choice for the 73rd IATA AGM. Mexico’s Quintana Roo state is world-renowned for its beautiful Caribbean beaches, rich history and culture. And aviation plays a critical role in connecting it to global tourism markets,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO.
Next year will be the second time the AGM is held in Mexico, the first being in Mexico City in 1994. IATA’s member airlines accepted Aeromexico’s invitation to host the AGM in 2017 at the close of the 72nd AGM in Dublin, Ireland.

Andres Conesa, Aeromexico’s CEO, said that he is looking forward for next year event, as the aviation world delegates will find a rising economy in which aviation plays a key role. The industry’s footprint in Mexico includes some 156,000 jobs and $4 billion in economic activity.

The 72nd AGM and World Air Transport Summit in Dublin attracted almost 1,000 aviation leaders from IATA member airlines, industry stakeholders, strategic partners and members of the media.

Aeromexico to host  the 73rd IATA AGM in Cancun 2017




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