Best snorkeling places in Cancun

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There are many beaches in Cancun, public and private, excellent for snorkeling, many tourists each year visit the Caribbean Sea just to experience this amazing way of living. We know the best snorkeling places in Cancun where you can enjoy the underwater life and see colorful reefs for great pictures, so prepare your camera.

Cozumel Island

A 40 minute drive from Cancun to Playa del Carmen where you can take a closer look to this amazing island to snorkel like most residents do. The coral formations that can be found in the shallow waters are diverse and vibrant. Cozumel’s reefs stretch along the island’s coastline, providing a safe home for brightly colored tropical fish and unspoiled natural gardens.


Isla mujeres

This small island that receives more and more tourists a year, is gaining popularity with its many activities and its attractive sunsets where turquoise water barely reaches your waist.

The reef called Manchones is located just off the coast as well as other awesome snorkeling sites on Isla Mujeres. It is very common to see sea turtles when diving in this place, so it is recommended to bring an underwater camera.


Underwater Museum –MUSA

The Cancun Museum is an eco-friendly project designed to give a well-deserved rest to the natural reef and to create a new habitat for fish and other reef creatures.

The Cancun Underwater Museum is divided into two sections and consists of over 470 life-size sculptures. The statues were submerged under water little by little since 2009 and next to the Manchones reef you can visit the first MUSA room that was created.


Punta Nizuc

If you are staying in cancun hotel zone or you booked at the nizuc hotel Cancun, you are lucky to be close to this paradisiacal place that is very close to the international airport of cancun, at the very south of the city.

This beautiful reef area is home to turtles, starfish, lobsters and many other species that live among corals and seaweed. Aquaworld Snorkel or Subsee Explorer tours offer an excellent excursion to Punta Nizuc.

There are 17 statues of Jason DeCaires Taylor that make up the second room of the museum of underwater sculptures in Cancun. This project has generated great interest around the world and is definitely worth a visit.


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