Break the spring in Cancun!

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Spring break Cancun

Everyone knows about this magnificent big party that every year is hosted by the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and the most recognized all-inclusive hotels and restaurants of Cancun. No time for breathing and thinking about what’s going to happen, only to epic loud DJ parties and lots of people from around the world.


This epic year after year party has been blowing our minds and hijacking thousands of students all over the world that are planning on leaving home for a long term relationship with the largest music festival these days. Yes, inception music festival it’s been crazier than ever, like going into dreamland since 2013.

With only 330 dollars for the platinum pass, you can enjoy an open bar, headliners and other great performers. Big parties, lots of booze and of course crazy people shouting out loud delighted by the most spectacular event of the year.

Inception Music Festival 2016


But that’s not all about spring break, going into the jungle isn’t that easy if you’re not ready to take a risk and by risk I mean the shaky adventure of the fat Tuesday. With full powered speakers singing out loud into your ears and beats that can make anyone with two left feet dance alright, getting into that crowed place just to show off a little of your best moves can make the first step to the moon look easier than that.


Cancun 2017 Spring Break


Prepare your contact lenses because you’re going to need high definition for what you’re about to see. Not only the outstanding multi colored blue of the beaches in Cancun but also the occasionally thunderstorms that claps down the cloudy sky above Cancun. All of this madness is in the middle of the Kukulkan Boulevard, if you’re down to get crazy like the rest of us you should get closer to the 6,5 kilometer. I’m sure you’re going to hear loud music and see lots of breakers there.

So come and break the spring with us, we’re down for taking the experience of the biggest party of the year and we’d love to hear about yours.


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