Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

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Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen.

At Cancun Transportation we can take you to Playa del Carmen in our private transportation hassle free. The transportation to Playa del Carmen can take from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on two things: traffic conditions and where exactly your destination is.

Since there is a lot of condos in Playa del Carmen you must know that we can take you there with no problem, even if it’s not on our list. you can just use “Playa del Carmen” and explain where you are going in the comments section.

Now we’ll give you step by step instructions on how to find us at the airport and about the ride to Playa del carmen.


Step by step instructions.

Here we’ll give you information on how to book and use the private┬átransportation from the Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen.

The first step is to book online, you can go to our homepage or just click: Cancun Transportation to start reserving. If you have all your flight info with you, it shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes with our easy to use booking form.

Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen private transportation

At Cancun Transportation you can easily book with the easy to use online Booking Engine, you just need to select the Hotel you are going to, the number of passengers and the type of transportation you want, it can either be One way transportation from the Airport or the Hotel in Playa del Carmen or Round Trip Transportation starting at the airport. If you don’t have a hotel and you are staying at a private place like a condo, a house or any other places not listed, you can type “Playa del Carmen” and then when you arrive you’ll have to tell the driver where exactly you are going.

Cancun Transportation has 2 different prices to Playa del Carmen depending on the type of transportation you reserve:

One way Transportation to Playa del Carmen for up to 8 people: $69 USD.

Round Trip Transportation to Playa del Carmen for up to 8 people: $135 USD.

Once you enter the information of the amount of people and the type of transportation, you’ll continue with the flight information which is needed to schedule the pick ups both at the Cancun Airport and at the Hotel, Condo or House in Playa del Carmen, and then your personal information for contact purposes, like your email and your cellphone.

Once you accept the terms and conditions of the reservation and click “Book Now” you’ll be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment, once the payment is completed you’ll be redirected to Cancun Transportation again and you’ll receive an automatic confirmation within 10 minutes. The confirmation will have instructions on how to get to your transportation at the airport and who to avoid too.

Cancun Transportation booking form

At the airport on terminal 3, there are time share people trying to get you free transportation and tours in order to get you to go to a presentation, if you are up to it, why not… however you have to know that these timeshare presentation don’t really lasts 90 minutes, but more and you’ll probably end up buying thousands of dollars of a timeshare…

When you land at the Cancun Airport you’ll go thru baggage claim first, the captain of the airplane commonly tells you where the bags will be, but if not it will be signaled at the baggage areas.

Cancun Airport Baggage Claim

Then you go thru customs where your passport will be stamped and you’ll just tell them what you are coming for to the Caribbean… what else if not vacations?

Cancun Airport Customs in Terminal 3

Then you’ll go thru Security check which is the final step to be free and start enjoying your vacations. This is when you’ll go thru the last hall where you’ll be reached by timeshare people… just so you are aware.

Cancun Airport Security Check

Your transportation guy from Cancun Transportation’s staff we’ll be where there is people waiting for arrivals, the person will be holding a sign with your name on so you have to look for your name, sometimes there is some crowd so try to be patient while you look for your name. One thing you can do is to go towards the side where the Margarita Ville is, it’s an easy to find place and Cancun Transportation’s staff is almost always close to that part.

Margarita Ville at the Cancun Airport in Terminal 3

How to find Cancun Airport Transportation Staff

Once you find the person, they’ll take you to your van which will be parked in one of the lines of the “waiting” parking lot. Please give them a minute because sometimes vans cannot stay really long in those areas, so sometimes the staff will call the van to come in for you, but the vans are actually just outside in a parking lot called the “launcher” (They launch the vans).

You are now ready to go to your final destination in Playa del Carmen. Remember, Cancun Transportation provides private transfers to Playa del Carmen so there will be no stops until you reach your final destination, you can ask them to stop at a convenience store for you to buy some beers or snacks, if you want to stop at a supermarket on the way, that is an extra charge of $30 USD for 1 Hour. You can also request to have some beers prior to arrival when making the reservation, this will be an additional charge.

Playa del Carmen

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