Cancun Airport Transportation

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Cancun Airport Transportation.

We provide the service of private airport transportation from the Cancun airport to your hotel, hostel, house or condo anywhere in Cancun and the RIviera Maya.

It’s very simple and all you need to do is Book Online to get a discounted price. You must know that prices for transportation directly at the Cancun Airport are huge, that’s why is better to book ahead.

You only need to go to our “Book Now” page or go to the Homepage and start the reservation there: Cancun Transportation.

The reservation process is very smooth and it will indicate you all it needs.

Once you have finished the reservation process and the PayPal payment you’ll get an automatic email with your confirmation and instructions on how to get to our staff at the airport. However we’ll explain you a little here:

  • First you need to read carefully the instructions.

Landing at the Cancun Airport

  • When you land at the Cancun Airport, the first thing you’ll do is immigration, so try to have your immigration papers and passports ready for them. This process is fast, however sometimes at the Cancun Airport there are several flights landing at the same time so it can get crowded. Once you are done with this process you go to claim your baggage.

Cancun Airport Immigration in Terminal 3

  • Baggage claim is pretty easy if your suitcases come out fairly on time. You’ll be told when you are coming out of the airplane where to claim your baggage but you’ll also find easy to use electronic signs at the airport that will tell you exactly where to go.

Cancun Airport Baggage Claim

  • Then is turn for the security checkpoint or customs. This is a smooth process if you don’t carry anything unconventional.

Cancun Airport Customs

  • After the security checkpoint you are off and ready to get to your transportation. Be sure to pass thru the people telling you to get some information or transportation at the arrival, these people are mostly timeshare guys that will tell you that they are the actual transportation you booked, or they’ll give you “free” transportation and tours to your hotel in exchange of a “90 minutes” breakfast.

Cancun Airport information hall at arrival

  • Pass thru these guys and go all the way outside the Crystal doors of the airport, you’ll then see lots of staff from different companies and you need to look for our logo and/or your name on a board. Make sure to look for us, we are always at the airport. Some people might tell you that they don’t know our company but be sure we exist! On the confirmation you get from us you have phone numbers for our staff at the airport, anyone can help you making phone calls once you are there.

Cancun Transportation staff at the Cancun Airport

Margarita Ville at the Cancun Airport

  • Once you locate our staff, they’ll politely ask you for a couple of minutes so they can bring the van for you, and… you are ready for fun!!!
  • Enjoy your time and make sure to give us any reviews you might have.

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