Cancun is a perfect spot for big events and company events too. The Cancun Hotel Zone and the Riviera Maya has hotels that can fit any kind of corporate event, and not only that, there are different facilities that can hold a big corporate event or even government events in the area.

That’s why Cancun Transportation is here to help you and your company, or organization get the best service for your corporate event. We can provide transportation for your event in different kinds of vehicles. The vehicles we can use are several, from vans, Luxury vehicles like Suburbans or Explorers to Buses that can fit up to 60 people each.

That’s why depending on the kind of event and the need of type of transportation you have that Cancun Transportation will be able to provide the best possible service.


Cancun Transportation for corporate events in Vans

Cancun Transportations has a vast collection of different vans that can be used for any corporate event in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. This vans can help groups of any number of people, from 250 to over 500 people.

Luxury Vehicles.

Cancun Transportations Luxury Vehicles for corporate events

Whether you need all the vehicles to be Luxury cars or just a couple on your corporate transportation, we have the vehicles you need, we mostly have Suburbans and Explorers, however any other Luxury Vehicle we use will be similar or better that these types. The fleet we have can easily cover any kind of event. We also have associates we work with to fulfil every need in service.



Buses in Cancun for corporate events

Most of the corporate events can be served with our smaller vehicles, however there are corporate events that needs more room for more people. Yes, we can also provide transportation for this. We have a big fleet of buses that can easily take over a thousand people from one place to another, so just let us know what your needs are and we’ll fulfill it.