Cancun Transportation to Hotel Xbalamque Resort and Spa

Cancun  Transportation to Hotel Xbalamque Resort and Spa.

Hotel Xbalamque Resort & Spa is a 4-Star hotel in downtown Cancun, Mexico. The mysticism of the Mayan Culture and the charm of its mythology are the inspiration for this hotel and make them a unique choice; the large murals decorating the façade and interior make Hotel Xbalamque Resort & Spa almost a museum, being this port of Quintana Roo an internationally renowned tourist destination.

Hotel Xbalamque will surprise you, since it features excellent and functionalservices and facilities. Whether you’re on a business, family or leisure trip, Hotel Xbalamque is the best lodging choice among hotels in downtown Cancun. Its spacious garden is an excellent choice for your social or business events, its ample and comfortable accommodations furnished with the necessary amenities will make you enjoy a very pleasant stay and its La Adelita Restaurant will offer you a variety of typical dishes of mexican and Yucatan’s cuisine. In Hotel Xbalamque Resort & Spa you will find swimming pool,Spa, Bar 4 Elementos de Toya,Xbalamque Theater and varied tourist services like the agency Cancun Style Car Rental, a beauty salon with its own podology equipment and a room available for dance classes. You can also enjoy Italian delights in Ristorante Buonissimo Trattoria, or if you prefer it we recommend the beach club Mandala Beach. Additionally, because of our safe facilities we are a Hotel Refuge in case of hurricane. We put at your reach our services in order to make your experience simply the best. Undoubtedly, in Hotel Xbalamque you’ll find the kind and attentive touch from our trained staff, ready to bring you the trust you need to choose us.

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