How to get to Puerto Morelos?

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Getting to Puerto Morelos seems easy because it isn’t that far from Cancun downtown but when it comes to choose the best comfortable ride to get to Puerto Morelos it gets difficult with the several options and different prices. You should consider your group number and see how you can travel together and save some bucks.



ADO station is very popular and very common to travel with. The bus departs every 15 to 20 minutes from the airport and the first stop along the coast is Puerto Morelos. You can buy a bus ticket at the airport from the ADO desk. The bus has air conditioning with TV and WiFi. It also has luggage storage compartments under the body of the bus, and staff will charge / unload their bags.



Also there’s the option where you can take a cab from the hotel zone, or wherever you’re staying at. Most hotels have their own private taxi drivers so you can save a car and get to Puerto Morelos although it can be a higher price. You can pay 350 pesos for a regular size and some of them can charge you even more.


Rent a Car

Although there are several rental car companies in Cancun, you should compare some of them because they could charge you for other things and the rental can be higher than other service. ou should know that the daily rental rate is higher than the weekly rate – so expect to pay $50-60 USD for a small, basic (think shoe-sized) car for the day.



Private Transportation

Also there are many transfer companies where they privately take you to a specific place, generally they have their own itinerary and they drive your group from the airport to Puerto Morelos, or any place you’re staying at. Cancun Transportation can take you and all your beloved ones privately.


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