Ride a bike in Playa del Carmen

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Most visitors want to travel the city on foot or prefer to take a cab to the destination place but, what a better thing to do to know a place than traveling in two wheels, where you also receive promotions in certain places for using this type of transportation, the bike. Turn your face against the wind, run against it and feel the warm weather at the same time, you should consider it. Not only because, like most people say, it keeps you fit, even though it’s not like you’re going to make those tacos go away but also you only spend less than 10 to 15 bucks a day, yeah it´s cheaper than you think.

What to do in Playa del Carmen

Taking a bike trip around Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, I mean the world, it’s more fascinating and it let’s you know a great part of the city that is not seen any other way.

Waking up just ahead of the sun, preparing a nice trip to the jungle or looking for some cool souvenirs right on the fifth avenue, seems like you just need the perfect ride to get by all of your plans. Get to know new people while riding your bike, it gets better the more you are. Also a cycling trip with your family can take you out of the same ol’ same ol’.


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Now, going to the point, ¿where can I rent a bike? There are a few places in Playa del Carmen where you can start the experience of this amazing tour. I especially like this bike rental business…

Playarida, Ian Kelley is that fitness man you want to ask a routine about, so he has this cool business where you can take a nice bike down to the beach and feel that spongy sand in the wheels. Also he can take you on a cycling tour around the area while others suffer in the traffic or trying to catch a cab.


Bike touring Playa del Carmen


Honestly I wouldn’t ask for more than that, the experience it’s so much fun and you get to know other travelers. Besides, Ian is right, most hotels have their own bikes but they are in poor shape and the price is too high for that quality.

Last but not least, with Playarida you can also rent a bike to take a ride in Tulum, where you can visit the fishing harbor and cool cabanas.

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