Route of the cenotes in Puerto Morelos

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Do you know the route of the cenotes in Puerto Morelos?

The wonderful underground rivers that inhabit the Riviera Maya have been one of the reasons why many tourists stay in Cancun since it is very close to Puerto Morelos where this wonderful route of the cenotes begins.

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One of the most picturesque natural wonders of the entire Riviera Maya are undoubtedly the cenotes, these are made by a system of underground rivers and are fresh and fresh water drains.

7 bocas cenote

Its name indicates the 7 vents to see the different faces of this cenote.

The cenote of 7 Bocas has seven entrances, as its name indicates, seven vents. Some galleries are connected between them and you can go swimming from one to another. This cenote allows you to enjoy in a barbaric way the beauty of the place. You will see the roots of the trees in search of the fresh water of the cenotes, while swimming swimming in front of a stalactica by a tunnel that takes you to another mouth. The magic of the reflection of the lights is spectacular. Remember that zenith hours are best for lights.


Boca Del Puma

Cenote Boca del Puma is located in a magical ecological reserve, in the heart of the Riviera Maya. In Boca Del Puma you can experience a real adventure in the jungle full of history and culture.

This reserve is in the middle of the Riviera Maya; here you can experience a true adventure full of Mayan culture. The activities you can find here are: scuba diving, zip lining, rappelling, cycling and also has a scalp.


Verde Lucero

The Cenote Verde Lucero is located just 18 kms from the city of Puerto Morelos, you can go by car along the main road to find this cenote and look for the sign that identifies it. You will see the parking area a few meters away, a few steps you can enjoy this beautiful cenote.

The maximum depth is 20 meters and the average is 10.6 meters, so you can swim all you want always keeping you safe.


Chilam Balam

The Cenote Chilam Balam is a place for an ATV ride, in a natural environment. You can enjoy nature, and finish the walk in a beautiful cenote where you can take a dip, swim or snorkel around.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Mayan jungle and a refreshing noisy walk around the cenotes in the jungle.


La noria

This cenote is part of the “Three Kings” which is a group of cenotes, located next to the ranch “The Blessing of God”. As a rule, many people come here to dive. The fresh water of Cenote La Noria is 18 meters deep and 47 meters wide. But it is also well known among cycling enthusiasts, who mostly come from the city of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and especially from here in Puerto Morelos. There is a staircase carved into the rock, and you can swim to a floating platform in the center.


Las Mojarras

The name was given after the multiple mojarras that habit there, which can be seen jumping and swimming. For the tourists it has been put a tirolesa with a great platform of only 6 meters, for all those who want to feel the adrenaline. As all the cenotes of this beautiful city are an excellent place to come on vacation, to have fun and mostly have fun.

It has services like hammocks, restrooms, picnic area and is perfect for camping.


Kin Ha

The Maya considered the cenotes totally sacred places. In this cenote Kin Ha is a trip through the jungle in all-terrain vehicles, where the Maya also believed that they were the entrance to the underworld.


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