What to do in Tulum?

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What to do in Tulum?


The first things to do in Cancun is visit Tulum. You’ll find several hotel and restaurants to have fun but also you’ll find a city full of wonders and history of a old civilization. And be prepared no only to walk you also may swim and sunbathe to a beautiful beach.

An Archaeolical site where you can find an important center of worship for the so-called “descending god”. Here you’ll wonder with a beautiful view to the Caribbean Sea.

“El castillo”, the castle is one of the most remarkable building in Tulum. Originally was painted red with bountiful sculpture of a god.

Visit a Mayan ruin, you can notice their Mayan greatness. This Mayan city was a seaport protected by a wall, in here they used to interchanged jade and turquoise. This protection help to preserve their people and the city.

One of the better buildings preserve is “Temple of the Frescoes”, we can see a mural painted in three part. This temple represent Chaac, the rain god and Ixchel, the moon god. In this place we can find several temples of gods they worshiped.

The highlight of this visit is after a walk through the ancient Mayan city heading down off the hill and chill out at the edge of the beach.

If you are considering to visit Tulum, you can’t miss this opportunity to discover a whole civilization and enjoy the goodness of nature. An incredible view between “El Castillo” an old Mayan archaeological site with the beautiful Caribbean sea.


El Castillo



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