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It will sound too weird but many people don’t know where is this beautiful city of Cancun, here I will write you a little bit more exactly where it is.


Cancun is a city found in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is located 21.17 latitude and -86.85 longitude and it is situated at elevation 11 meters above sea level.




Cancun has a population of 542,043 making it the biggest city in Quintana Roo. It operates on the CDT time zone.


This is the coat of arms of Benito Juarez, one of the nine municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Most of its population reside in the municipal seat, Cancun. It is named after the 19th century president and statesman, Benito Juárez.


About its beaches…

Cancun has over 20 miles of pristine beaches on the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean make Cancun one of the best coastal destinations in America. Throughout Cancun Island or Hotel Zone, characterized by its “7” shape, there are beautiful beaches for all preferences: quiet waters, fun waves, big clubs of fashion, beaches of local airs and intact corners full of nature.

What are you waiting to come to Cancun?

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